Our Rays

Our students are expected to follow the R-A-Y-S each day at school. It is imporant that all our Sunrays Respect Others, Always Make Good Choices, say "Yes to Learning", and put Safety First. 

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Sunray Spotlights

Many of the awesome activities happening on our campus are showcased on our social media sites within our "Sunray Spotlight!" posts. Look for these on our Facebook and Twitter accounts!  

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Sunsational Celebrations

Every other week, we have a Sunsational Celebration! This lunch and award activitiy is sponsoed by our PBIS committee for students who follow our R-A-Y-S.

Students complete a Sunsatonal ticket, and are entered into a drawing to win Sunsatonal Lunch. 

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Evans Elementary Music

To stay connected with all upcoming music events and important information, check out the Evans Elementary Music website at,

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